I Really enjoy listening to the show, Pete is a very nice guy who truly cares for others, he is such a blessing. Please continue doing what you do for others and stay blessed.

Podcast 05,12,19.

Mr. Persaud we listened to all your podcast since one of our friend pasted in a hospice. On July 5 show Dr. Scott Fareed touched on three important points 1. the evolution of hospice 2. the misconceptions of hospice 3. how much and what kind of end of life care one...

Excellent Website

Excellent website, informative, professional, inspirational and yet has that personal touch we all need. Nice pictures. Don G. Persaud

Podcast July 26

Mr. Pete Persaud we listened to your podcast of the July 26 show.The opening universal prayer is an original and refreshing. We are impressed with your broadcasting skills as a host of such a delicate subject, “A Bridge to Care and Comfort.” Your guest...